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    Meeting Support

    PSAV provides all the event technology to keep a meeting running smoothly. From a small board meeting in our executive boardroom, to the most complex breakouts for national tradeshows, let PSAV on-site at the Anaheim Convention Center handle your next event.

    House Audio Systems

    House Audio Systems
    PSAV is the only Event Technology provider authorized by the Anaheim Convention Center to patch directly into the house sound systems. We carry a full inventory of mixers and microphones on-site, please contact us in advance to receive a quote for your next event.

    Complimentary Microphones

    We realize you have a choice when it comes to AV. As an added savings to you, PSAV will offer a complimentary wired microphone per room per day should you select us as your overall supplier of Event Technology for your next event.

    Audio Recording of Meetings & Events
    The Anaheim Convention Center contains a central recording room, where all audio elements from your program may be recorded. Access or reserving the audio patch room is coordinated through the Event Manager assigned to the program. The facility will charge a $75 per patch per day (up to a 3 day maximum) charge for use of the recording room, which can be added to your master account.


    CAD Services

    Whether it's a meeting room, General Session, exhibit booth or social banquet, the accurate layout of your space is critical part of ensuring a smooth event. CAD is an essential part of the planning process, and PSAV uses both AutoCAD and Vectorworks to accurately layout the design elements of each meeting space.
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    Our drawings are fully capable of being rendered in 3D, and can provide accurate representations of your meeting space to help you visualize your event during the key planning phases
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    Here in the Anaheim Convention Center, drawings for all spaces must be submitted and approved by the Anaheim Fire Marshall in advance, and are solely the responsibility of the event AV supplier to produce. Your event will be assigned an Event Manager by the City of Anaheim, who will be responsible for the approval of any drawings.


    Social & Banquet Events

    From a simple cocktail hour indoors in a meeting space to an elaborate outdoor party overlooking the world famous Disneyland resort, let PSAV handle your next social or banquet event.

    LED Lighting - From accent lights to backdrops, our eco-friendly LED lighting provides a way to bring an endless mix of color to any experience while showing off your efforts to conserve energy use during meetings and events.

    Intelligent Lighting - With programmable systems, these smart solutions deliver automated and great flexibility to provide appearance enhancements.

    Truss Elements - Utilizing our theatrical truss in new and creative ways to create a memorable ambience your attendees will never forget.

    Breakout Sessions

    From amplifying the Main Stage experience for thousands of attendees to helping small breakout sessions make a great impact on everyone in the room, our audiovisual services enhance every image, note and nuance of the experience – onsite and online.


    Content Management

    PSAV’s Content1 system is a completely integrated lifecycle content management tool. Gain a single database solution for handling everything related to event content from abstracts to post show content management. Reduce vendors, save time, reduce presentation errors and maximize the attendees’ experience through a robust and redundant system with complete coverage.


    Abstract1 - From call for abstracts to publications, Abstract1 provides a web-based management system for your agenda through an integrated system providing a unique ID and database that eliminates imports and exports. Abstract1 incorporates submissions, review and rating, session programming, interactive scheduling and publication of content.


    Presentation1 - Online presentation submission allows for online review and revisions which can be reviewed at the on-site speaker ready room. Automated presentation delivery incorporates session and presentation scheduling.


    ePoster1 - Not all content becomes a presentation, some become posters. E-posters enable online submission, electronic viewing onsite and hard copy printing services for Poster Boards. The key is enabling greater interaction between authors and viewers.


    Record1   - When all data is integrated, efficient document capture becomes that much easier. Record1 can capture all your meeting content from a simple sync of voice and presentation content to full motion video of the event


    Archive1 - Is it the end of the meeting or the beginning of the next? Archiving enables online hosting of abstracts, e-posters, presentations and recordings. Options include incorporating tracking of continuing education credits and e-commerce. And all content becomes the foundation for next year’s call for content.