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    Pixels flawless performance. dramatic results.


    Today’s audiences have sophisticated expectations. We can make sure they see your video, multi-media or slide material at its best.

    Presentations are now judged against what the Web and TV can offer. We will make sure they feel comfortable and enjoy maximum freedom of movement, while our staff seamlessly cues the appropriate equipment.

    Our projectors, for example, can handle almost any input your presenters arrive with. They can be used for front, rear or ceiling projection. Most are bright enough to work with moderate house lighting, so your audience stays alert longer.


    Our professional range of front and rear-projection screens brings out the best in your images.

    Meeting Projectors

    Small but bright, our meeting projection systems bring your images to life without getting in the way.

    Premium Projectors

    When in a large room you want the lights kept on and a ballroom projector is just not bright enough, our premium line of projectors will ensure a consistent image.

    Ballroom Projectors

    Our ballroom projectors are designed for maximum flexibility and reliability and can display your presentation pieces to an audience in a vast room.

    Platinum Projectors

    For major events, large audiences, or shows with bright stage lighting, our high-powered digital projectors deliver ultimate brightness and studio quality in the live environment.

    Event Projectors

    Stronger than your average projector, an event projection system is designed for meetings held in large rooms or portions of a typical ballroom.

    Plasma Screens

    Flat, wide-screen plasma screens deliver high-definition images in all lighting environments.

    Slide and Overhead Projection

    We offer a complete range of slide and overhead projectors, including high-brightness Xenon projectors.


    Playback systems in all formats: VHS, Betacam SP, Digital


    Create a lasting audio or video record of your event. We can handle everything from simple tape recording to fully edited broadcast video production.

    Image Magnification

    Put live images of your presentation up on the big screen, so everyone gets a great view.

    Confidence Monitors

    Allow presenters to follow notes, cues or view their real-time performance without having to look back at the main screen.