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Gold Coast Ballroom

Gold Coast Room

Showcase this beautiful room with lighting enhancements!

Bring color into your event!

Let us help bring a creative set to life.

Gold Coast Room - Hanging Screen and Plasmas

Elevating our equipment off of the floor has the added benefit of saving space where you need it.

Gold Coast Room

LED lighting changes your room's look entirely or subtlely to enhance the existing space.

Gold Coast Single Screen on Stage

Lighting can really enhance your event expectations!

Bring custom made pieces to your set

Design your concept!

Gold Coast Alternate Setting - Window Side (North)

Want a more intimate setting in the Gold Coast? We can put the screens on the window side to get your audience closer to the stage.

Gold Coast Room

Let us worry about the visual obstacles in the room. We'll make it so everyone can see.

Gold Coast Room

The beauty and elegance of the Gold Coast Room takes second stage to your message.

Gold Coast Room

LED Lighting and a bright projector make the show. All eyes are drawn to the stage.