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Pixels flawless performance. dramatic results.

Chad Hemmeline, Justin Hinton and The Fairmont Dallas-PSAV team were outstanding and played an essential role in our event success! We look forward to working with them again next year!

- Artie O.

Emily went above and beyond. Wonderful job! AND any PSAV tech we ran into was excellent!

- Jo Ann B.

Emily & Chad were fantastic onsite, they helped solve a large issue with diligence, clear communication & absolutely resolution oriented.

- Jessica H.

Lauren and her team were great. The technical director they brought in for us was fantastic!

- Robin R.

Your in house AV team was great to work with - THANKS

- Maria V.M.

Thank you so much for all you did. You were professional and extremely helpful. You made my job so much easier!

- Cindy

Thank you for all your help this week. The meetings were numerous and busy, but with your help very successful.

- ITA Team

Your assistance was invaluable toward the success of our program. We were continually impressed with your ability to enact change, solve last minute challenges and consistantly demonstrate service excellence.

- Robin, Diane, Lindsey, Jacque, Lucia, Anne, Paige, Terry, Jerry

Stacy Moua is the epitome of professionalism - just the right touch. Everything went smoothly and she made sure of that.

- Suzzanne K

Emily was willing, ready and able at all hours of day and night to see that equipment was properly installed and tested.

- Sharon C.

The whole staff was excellent - thank you for taking the extra time to help us with the birthday cake. Appreciate everything!

- Monica S.

PSAV helped make this meeting a success by providing all the AV for the Breakout Sessions. Everything was set up as required and the AV Techs were waiting in the foyer at the start of each session in case the presenter needed assistance.

- Trevina H.

Great job you guys!! flawless.

- Shari G

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