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Green Meetings


PSAV ImageNo more roaming the halls to view paper posters. Multiple scientific exhibits are within easy access with PSAV’s ePosters, an all-digital poster creation and viewing system. ePosters can be accessed at on-site workstations or viewed from any computer connected to the Internet. Quick search options take viewers straight to their area of interest, and attendees can stay at a single station to look up any poster. And, without all the wasted paper at the end of the conference, ePosters provide a greener alternative.

LED Lighting

PSAV ImageLED lighting, which is programmable to produce different effects, is quickly replacing incandescent lights in the meeting and function space at properties throughout the country. Whether dressing up a General Session or adding “pop” to compliment themes, LED lighting not only sets the scene, but its low power consumption helps conserve energy. In fact, LED lights use up to 80% less energy than incandescent lights.


Go Green. Go Local.

PSAV ImageA significant portion of a meeting’s environmental footprint comes from shipping. PSAV has worldwide equipment locations to minimize if not eliminate the carbon footprint from shipping.





Responsible Products

PSAV ImageFor our electronic products, this will include Energy Star and/or RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)compliant purchases. For consumables, we prioritize and measure recyclable consumption.





Safe Disposal

PSAV ImageThis ranges from equipment to rechargeable batteries to bulbs. We have partnered with Waste Management Corporation to ensure environmentally safe disposal of our e-waste.