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Meeting Support

PSAV provides all the event technology to keep a meeting running smoothly.

Presentation supplies

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Although breakout room equipment such as overheads, flip charts, whiteboards and laser pointers are not technically complex, they are still as important to the presenter as the equipment in the plenary session.  PSAV's internal systems ensure all breakout room equipment is clean, well maintained, and set up in plenty of time for your presenters.  We can also supply a technician whose role is to monitor the breakout rooms and make sure the presentation experience is a pleasant one for all concerned.

  • White boards
  • Flipcharts- Provide the perfect canvas for "Parking Lot Items" or key meeting objectives.
  • Cue lights- Enable your speakers to send a wireless cue to your graphics opperator for "next", "back", and "blank" using a wireless hand-held device. 
  • Speaker timers- Limit the time that your speakers are on stage to keep everyone on track for a successful and well timed event. 
  • Laser pointers- Allow presenters to highlight important discussion topics from anywhere in the room.

Presentation Support

PSAV ImageSpeakers can submit presentations to our technicians before their event. We'll be standing by to load your presentation onto a computer terminal for your review. Then, when it's time to speak, the presentation will be ready for projection and will operate the same way it does on the speakers' own computer. Speakers can activate the slides, sound and video using a typical mouse.



Content Management

PSAV ImagePSAV's Content Management System takes the hassle out of organizing your presentations. It allows centralized management of multiple documents. Presenters will have 24/7 access to their files from home, work, or during the event. It provides a meeting planner Peace of Mind by ensuring all presentations are submitted on time, and that presenters are ready when they take the stage. Learn more by visiting our Digital Services Page.