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    Network Services

    Our custom high-speed connectivity solutions ensure integrated event technology for a heightened communications experience and complete peace of mind.

    Bandwidth Calculator

    Connect to the Internet at high speeds, right from your meeting room or exhibit hall. Anyone using an Ethernet-equipped computer can use the high-speed access and can deliver product demonstrations, training sessions or presentations via the Internet. Your group will enjoy fast, reliable and secure connections delivered through our carrier-grade equipment on a network monitored by the PSAV team to ensure superior bandwidth access.

    Custom Splash Page

    Allow us to custom design your login page with photos and logos of your choice.  We can also ensure that your company or sponsors are recognized with a landing page.  This is the page your guest is directed to after they log in to the internet.

    Dedicated Bandwidth

    For lager groups or heavy use, our dedicated bandwidth guarantees an unliimited number of users access to a reserved section of the property's available bandwidth. The amount of bandwidth recommended varies based on the intended use and number of users. Dedicated bandwidth is the economical choice for larger groups and those with mission-critical needs.

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