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    With its onsite office, PSAV Presentation Services is proud to serve as the exclusive in-house rigging contractor for the facility’s meeting and event rooms, and ready to handle all of your rigging requirements. Allow us to assist you with our CAD and rigging expertise. Our experienced production riggers use PSAV on-site inventory of hoists, truss, hardware and scissor lifts to manage your event – from initial design to load out – saving you time and money.

    The facility is equipped with a permanent rigging system. As part of a comprehensive overhead safety and risk management program, the system is periodically load tested and inspected. PSAV is required to approve all rigging designs and provide the rigging labor necessary to load in and load out any equipment attached to the facility’s rigging system.

    Begin the planning process early

    Contact us soon to start the rigging-planning process and we'll discuss:

    • Ballroom Rigging Standards
    • Rigging Equipment Guidelines
    • Best practices

    Here’s how to plan with PSAV for your rigging needs:

    • The Schedule Rigging Services form must be submitted online with a scaled rigging plot 21 days prior to load in. Events scheduled with less than 21 days notice will incur additional charges. 
    • Rigging plots must contain all flown equipment in addition to a reflective ceiling plan with hang-points. See link at the end of the document to request a CAD file.
    • If a rigging plot is received by our offices which does not respect the hotels rigging regulations, the client has the option to either redesign their event or have our offices redesign the event at a cost of $75 per hour.
    • All drawings must be received via email in .dwg or .dxf format.  Hard copies will be accepted in a scale of no smaller than 1/8"-1’. A charge of $250 per event will be assessed for a comprehensive safety review by our Rigging Supervisor.  This review will verify point load calculations, staffing needs, equipment needs and CAD support to provide feedback on the initial rigging plot. 

    Ballroom Standards

    • The Ballrooms are equipped with permanent rigging points with various load ratings. Please refer to the facility CAD files for exact locations of the rigging points and ratings. There is NO RIGGING OTHER THAN TO THE PERMANENTLY INSTALLED RIGGING POINTS.
    • No rigging is allowed from the air-wall tracks and pick points will be charged as use of a point.
    • All connections to the rigging points must be made by PSAV.
    • Flown equipment may only be moved by a PSAV rigger.  Adjustments to any flown equipment will only be done under the supervision of PSAV.
    • Additional weight cannot be applied to flown equipment after PSAV riggers leave the room.
    • Under no circumstances may a person be suspended, walk or climb upon any point or supporting structure attached to the ceiling.
    • Nothing can be attached directly to the hotel ceiling.

    PSAV on-site practices

    Late schedule changes or changes to previously approved and submitted CAD Plots will result in additional charges.

    • PSAV will make all connections to the ceiling and assist your staff in attaching those connections to your truss and equipment. Please contact our offices for clarification of what services and equipment we offer to assist you in a safe and cost effective event.
    • PSAV will not "dead hang" items over 100lbs or 10' in length with a scissor lift. Chain hoists or crank towers must be used.
    • Cable bridge truss is required when cable bundles exceed four (4) Soco or other similar multi-cable.
    • Cable Ramps are required for cabling across all doorways to be used by guests or hotel staff.

    Rigging Equipment Guidelines

    • A scissor lift is required for all rigging calls at the hotel. PSAV has lifts on site and available for rental. All lifts used in the hotel must have white, non-marking tires and be in good repair. Operators must present documentation verifying that they are trained in scissor lift operations.  Construction/outdoor lifts will not be allowed in the hotel ballrooms.
    • All equipment and materials flown must pass ANSI guidelines and be approved by PSAV.
    • Any dynamic (moving) element requires an arrester device.
    • A steel safety backup is required on each individual item suspended with a nylon sling.
    • All nuts and bolts used overhead must be rated and all wire rope clips and overhead hardware (eyebolts etc.) must be forged, unless approved by PSAV.
      PSAV is pleased to exclusively provide Prostar Chain hoists/motors.  These hoists are designed specifically for hotel & convention center use.  PSAV shall be the sole provider of all chain hoists/motors used at the St. Regis Monarch Beach.


    C.M. Prostar Hoist/Motor

    2005 Model 2127S (3 ph.)

    30' lift @ 8' per min.

    Total weight 49 lbs. (including chain)

    1000 lbs. lifting capacity


    PSAV can provide the truss needed for your event too.  Please contact the onsite staff with your needs for a customized quote.

    Rigging Rates

    Hoist/Rig Point/Hardware Charge Per Point (motor inclusive)

    $295/day per point
    $885/week (5 days) per point

    Lower Rig Point (T-Bar or pick line only)
    $250/day per point
    $750/week (5 days) per point

    Scissor Lift Rental
    Daily: $300

    Weekly (5 days): $1500

    Rigging Safety Review/CAD Work

    Rigging Labor Information

    • All rigging crews will consist of a minimum of two (2) riggers.  The number of Riggers and equipment required for your event will be determined by PSAV.

    • Four (4) or eight (8) hour minimums will apply to all calls, per rigger.  Time beyond eight (8) hours will be billed in full hour increments.  Riggers must have a meal break every (5) hours.  If there is less than eight (8) hours between rigging calls additional charges will apply.

    • Scissor lift rental pricing is subject to availability and should be confirmed 14 days prior to your event.  All prices subject to change without notice.
    • A 22% Service Charge and 8.75% tax will apply to all Rigging Services.

    • All changes in labor calls must be made with the approval of the hotel Director of Event Technology.  Onsite rigging staff can not change call times.

    Hourly Rates
    Monday - Friday, 6AM - 6PM = $90/hour
    Monday - Friday, 6PM - Midnight = $135/hour

    Monday - Sunday, Midnight - 6AM = $180/hour
    Saturday, 6AM - Midnight = $135/hour

    Sunday, All Day = $180/hour

    Holidays**, All Day = $180/hour


    **Holidays = New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

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