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Audiovisual Services

The right audio is vital to a successful meeting. Presenters need to be heard with perfect clarity. Audio also has a big influence on the impact of your big-screen video and background music can be a great way to enhance the atmosphere and keep your audience energized.

We will help you select the right sound system for your event.

Audio Recording

When it comes down to it, you only have one chance to get a live recording right. That's why we use redundant recorders to ensure a backup recording is made each time. What matters most is that you walk away with a copy of the recording in the format you prefer.


The Digital Recording Package allows us to provide you with multiple formats, including CD, MP3 and CompactFlash cards. We can copy the audio straight to your laptop computer or burn compact discs, as soon as the meeting is over. It's your choice.



Well-lighted presenters carry a more impressive presence on stage. Theater-style lighting adds remarkable color and drama to your whole presentation and can transform gala events into something truly remarkable. Ask us about Decor Lighting, Intelligent Lighting, Set Lighting, Presenter Lighting and more.


From small audio systems for smaller meetings to multiple arrays that deliver concert-quality sound, we setup microphone, speaker, amplifier and mixer systems to suit the room and audience. Familiar with every corner of the venue and meeting rooms, we can easily calcualte just what the best audio is for your event.


We offer microphones to suit any application, including:

  • -Broadcast-quality wireless microphones with interference protection
  • -Slim microphones to give the presentation an elegant corporate look
  • -Specialized recording microphones to pick up the widest area possible
  • -Digital Congress microphones with their own speakers and illumination confirmation