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Staging Services

Well-lighted presenters carry a more impressive presence on stage. Theater-style lighting adds remarkable color and drama to your whole presentation and can transform gala events into something truly remarkable.

People Solutions

Ensure that your presenters are lit without distracting facial shadows. Stage washes keep them lit as they walk around the stage. Follow spots are great for picking up award winners from the audience.

If you use I-Mag or are videotaping an event, we will ensure a smooth stage wash, so your images look great on camera too.



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Set Solutions

Whether you want to reinforce client branding or provide a striking backdrop, our assortment of physical stage sets and stretch-fabric structures will fit the bill and capture the brilliance of a lighted stage.

Lighting Solutions

PSAV provides a variety of lighting and décor options to help make your event memorable and engaging. For a minimal cost, you can help keep all eyes focused on your guest speaker with a simple podium light package or small stage wash. For more elaborate events, we can help you design extensive stage or theatrical lighting.

  • Podium Lighting
  • Stage Lighting
  • Décor Lighting
  • Projected Logos and Images
  • Drapes, Lighting

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Projection Solutions

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Color is a great way to influence the audience mood. Get their attention from the moment they arrive with stylish stage and set lighting in different colors and textures. You can even project logos and graphics across the stage using gobos (etched disks inside the lights).