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About Us

The Experience Business

About PSAV® Presentation Services

PSAV is the leading provider of audiovisual and event technology support to hotels, associations, producers and meeting planners worldwide. With on-site offices at more than 800 locations worldwide and branch offices in most major meeting cities, PSAV is committed to making every live event an unforgettable experience. PSAV mixes bright ideas with smart technology so the messages organizers want conveyed make the greatest possible impact. PSAV's professionals understand the importance of a successful meeting, and know how minding their work can affect the minds of meeting participants

Our Values... Our Story

Our company values - connectivity, personal empowerment, passion and honesty - are the values that bind us, drive us as a company and differentiate us from our competitors.


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PSAV Mission Statement

PSAV exists to provide consistently great meeting experiences for our customers through inspirations, technology and creativity.


PSAV Vision

We will:

ä  Grow and leverage our unrivaled global distibution network.

ä  Expand our range of leading product and service solutions and revenue streams.

ä  Provide a strong workplace culture and opportunities for growth for our employees.

ä  Exceed key financial objectives for our external stakeholders and our employees.

ä  Live the PSAV story through our values and customer experiences.

A Market Leader for over Four Decades

PSAV’s roots go back to the early 1960s in providing audiovisual (AV) leadership in the meetings industry. In the last decade, PSAV expanded and consolidated regional AV companies to meet growing customer demand for a national source of consistent, high-quality audiovisual support. Today, PSAV has strengthened its business beyond traditional audiovisual services through innovative technology that enhances live events.


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Meet our PSAV Team

Ryan Weddle - Director of Event Technology


 Ryan's audio post-production and editing career led him to the field of live event production in the year 2000, and eventually joining PSAV in 2003. As an experienced event technology professional, Ryan, along with the talent of his operations team, will be dedicated to your event at The US Grant to ensure that it is the success that you deserve. We will be there, where technology meetings inspiration.

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AJ Rose- Sales Manager


AJ joined PSAV in 2008, where he started as a technician, moved up to a senior technician, and ultimately puts his skill and knowledge to use as Sales manager.  AJ will work within your budget without compromising the integrity of your event.

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Awards and Recognition

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AwardPSAV at The US Grant won the annual PSAV Partnership Website competition in 2011. Out of over 500 locations with websites, this was selected for best display of "exceptional creativity, hard work, and innovative content".

PSAV is a proud member of the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau

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