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    Meeting Support

    PSAV provides all the event technology to keep a meeting running smoothly.

    Meet & Celebrate

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    Miscellaneous tools

    Calculators, credit-card terminals, cash registers, copiers, binding machines, laminators, fax machines and musical instruments.

    Electrical Services

    ä Multiple power strips

    ä Extension cords

    ä Power drops

    ä Power tie-ins

    Audience Response Systems

    Grab your audiences’ attention and get them involved.

    Want to make your meeting participants actively engage in your training session or presentation? PSAV’s Audience Response Systems can do it. Wireless key pads allow you to transform your standard presentation software into a powerful, two-way communication tool. ARS makes sure your messages stay top-of-mind, during and after the meeting.

    Collect data, share responses; on the spot

    Through a common software program, presenters can display questions, surveys, opinion polls and complex problems that require everyone in the room to select a response via their input device. All responses are then transmitted to the presentation computer for data collection. Results can easily be converted into an excel report or shared with attendees – on the spot.

    Immediate feedback, consensus and data collection

    When you use ARS, your meeting participants feel much more involved, which encourages top performance. On the spot feedback, consensus and data collection mean it’s a win/win – for you and them.

    Applications for Audience Interactivity System include:

    ä Real-time feedback

    ä Audience games

    ä Training courses

    ä Mock trials

    ä Voting or consensus

    ä Data collection


    ARS Meeting Brochure - PDF

    Digital Capture

    Capturing your speakers, their presentations, and all of your event's important messages on CD is a powerful, revenue-generating tool that can remind attendees of meeting content and let those who missed the event get in on the actions.

    Let us seamlessly record and synchronize audio, video and your presentation and instantly turn it into a rich media presentation.

    Use digital capture to:

    ä Market your event to future audiences

    ä Enhance distance learning or continuing education credits

    ä Archive lifelike minutes, capture a meetings' sights & sounds

    ä Promote presenters' services

    ä Advance personal or professional development

    Presentation supplies

    ä Poster easels, white boards, flipchart packages

    ä Cue lights, corkboards, speaker timers, laser pointer, podiums

    Presentation Support

    Speakers can submit presentations to our technicians before their event. We'll be standing by to load your presentation onto a computer terminal for your review. Then, when it's time to speak, the presentation will be ready for projection and will operate the same way it does on the speakers' own computer. Speakers can activate the slides, sound and video using a typical mouse.

    Review our helpful Peace of Mind presenter tips for a successful meeting.

    Digital Signage

    PSAV offers innovative new ways to engage your attendees.  Learn more about our Digital Signage options.

    Digital Signage - PDF